Ygnite 2022 Competition is Coming to Atlanta, Ga

2022 is right around the corner, so it’s time to get prepared for Ygnite’s 2022 Pitch Competition for College Students & Recent Graduates. This year’s competition will be held in Atlanta January 21-23, 2022 .

Ygnite is hosted by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1971, and is designed as a professional networking organization for those who are of Korean ethnicity. Today, KSEA hosts competitions, workshops and provides opportunities and engagement for young professionals in science and engineering fields-including their Ygnite Pitch Competition.

The competition is designed to allow UnderGrads/Grads the opportunity to not only pitch their idea in front of an audience, but to also gain feedback on their pitch and idea. They allow 200 ‘early-career scientists and engineers to pitch. During the competition, there will be a 3-minute time slot for your pitch, followed by a 3-minute time slot for questions. 

Aside from the competition, there will be a series of career development workshops complete with lectures and interactive sessions. This will allow students to network with other students and leaders in the industry and gain helpful insight on their future careers. 

In summary Ygnite 2022 will allow students to:

  • Showcase their research.
  • Attend science and leadership panels.
  • Participate in problem-solving exercises.
  • Network with others in their field.

 The deadline to apply is December 11th, 2021, 11:59PM PST.

Apply at the Ygnite website here! Fill out the application, upload your resume, and answer a few questions.

Eligibility Guidelines from Ygnite:

  • Have a great entrepreneurial idea! Your idea cannot already be an established start-up/business.
  • Be a part of YG/YP demographics (undergraduate, graduate student in science and engineering) at a recognized academic institution, or young professional (recent graduate or early-stage professionals)

Learn more about Ygnite and KSEA here.

About Ygnite:

​​Ygnite is a premier technical and leadership conference for emerging scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, academics, and start-up professionals from Korean-American backgrounds. To hone STEM-based technical skills, Ygnite’s program includes curated lectures, research presentations, moderated panels, as well as poster sessions to showcase emerging ideas. To further develop leadership skills, the program invites experts from academia, industry, and business to share their challenges and paths to success. Participants share their knowledge and experience with each other while expanding their personal and professional networks.

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