WomensNET Offering More Grant Opportunities for Women-owned Startups and Non-profits

The Amber Grant Foundation was started in 1998 by WomensNet, in honor of Amber Wigdahl. Wigdahl passed away at just nineteen years old before she was able to realize her career and entrepreneurial goals. In her memory, WomensNet offers a $10,000 Amber Grant every month. At the close of each year, they also give away $25,000 Annual Amber Grant.

In 2022, WomensNET added a $10,000 Business Category Grant. Each month they offer a grant for a specific category or industry such as “Skilled Trades” in January, “Health and Fitness” in February, “Food and Beverage” in March, etc.

In 2023, WomensNET added three additional grants:

The Startup Grant ($10,000 given away each quarter)

  • This grant is for startups in idea-phase, making less than $10,000 per month.

The Non-Profit Grant ($10,000 given away each quarter)

The Marketing Grant (one winner per year)

  • This grant offers “hands-on marketing help” to the winners.

How To Apply:

Learn more about all of WomensNET’s grant opportunities by visiting https://ambergrantsforwomen.com/. WomensNet/The Amber Grant Foundation encourages you that “No business dream is too big or too small.” Past Amber Grant recipients have included businesses from scientific inventors to bakers


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