Why You Should Automate the Customer Journey

After being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and being given less than six months to live, Jamie Gilleland had to step away from her thriving business. While she was away for three months tending to her health, her business failed without her at the steering wheel.

When she was able to get back to work, she developed a passion for automating business practices to help business owners keep their sales pipelines full and the business running. She also developed a passion for helping other founders automate their own businesses to give them freedom of time and the security and power to “step away” from their businesses if needed.

In this Lunchtime Topic, sales automation expert Jamie Gilleland shares the value of automating your marketing and sales processes for your business. She also discusses some tools and practices for automating your business.

To learn more about Jamie, her company MiSyte, and her Keep It Simple strategies, visit https://coachjamieg.com/.