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This week’s blog is from Savannah native Jordan Riles Ogden, a rising entrepreneur with a flair for helping people of all ages achieve and be their best. Jordan has presented her business concept both pre-launch and post-launch at 1 Millions Cups and is eager to tell her story. Read on as Jordan impresses on us the value of vision and mission. FYI – – The Creative Coast’s blogspot is Savannah’s sounding board for local thinkers, innovators, wanderers and wonderers. Guest bloggers share their thoughts, opinions and creative noodling from all over the map…


. “We impress!” That’s what you can hear at the Impressum School of Social Graces, a new etiquette, modeling and acting school for young females ages five to eighteen. The basis for my company’s name comes from the Latin noun impressum, which means “the impressed, engraved, pressed in,” and “a legally mandated state of ownership,” and “used to give information on the impact something has made.”Ogden11 I began envisioning Impressum in mid-2015 and my dream first came into existence with seven students in January of 2016. As a budding entrepreneur, my company’s primary mission is to teach timeless etiquette skills in a manner that will be well received by today’s youth; to keep things interesting, we also added modeling and acting skills to the curriculum. In September of 2015, 1 Million Cups gave me the opportunity to share my vision of Impressum and this opened many doors for feedback and suggestions on how my focus could be sharpened to maximize my business. Getting feedback of this caliber was extremely beneficial to me in refining Impressum’s business strategy and definition. Ogden22On May 25, 2016, I returned to The Creative Coast for a follow-up presentation to the 1 Million Cups audience. I shared my progress, my obstacles, and my successes with a roomful of attentive and engaged listeners. During the discussion portion of the presentation, I gained valuable insight on how to capturethe interest of more parents and students who need services like the unique touch offered by Impressum. I’m a native of Savannah so my initial target audience has been to serve the youth and parents of my hometown first. Now, after less than a year in operation, Impressum is expanding its reach to the Jesup/Hinesville area with a launch in July. The reception by parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re looking forward to expanding on this concept and reaching more markets in the future. The website for Impressum School of Social Graces is under construction now, but in the meantime, you can share our video commercial with potential participants for the July program via YouTube: To inquire about or register for upcoming classes, email us at impressumssg@gmail.com or follow our social media pages: Facebook- @Impressum School of Social Graces, Instagram- @impressumssg, and Twitter- @impressumssg. Our motto at Impressum School of Social Graces? “Don’t just leave an imprint, impress ‘um!” Jordan]]>

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