Watch The Reality Of Entrepreneurship ft. Dwayne Stephens

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, it’s hard work to start a company, get customers, find the right team members, and stay sustainable. We sat down with Dwayne Stephens, a serial entrepreneur and the Program Director of Make Startups in Savannah, to talk about what it looks like to create a VIABLE, LONG-TERM business. Dwayne shared common misconceptions about entrepreneurship, how to determine your target audience, the importance of being flexible as a business owner, developing your why, and more. Watch to learn more!


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Scan this episode…

00:00 – Lunchtime Topic Intro

03:10 – Dwayne’s Entrepreneurial Story

11:50 – Dwayne shares why he is passionate about this topic

15:00 – Common misconceptions about entrepreneurship

22:08 – What is Make Startups & The Idea Accelerator Bootcamp?

29:30 – What is customer discovery and why it is important?

35:27 – Dwayne talks about why your original concept for a business often changes

40:00 – Big companies that made major changes to their products/services

42:50 – The importance of your ‘Why’ when starting a business

49:00 – Why having steady accountability and mentorship matters in entrepreneurship

55:50 – Free resources you can find in your community (and Savannah specifically)