Watch SHE HUSTLES 2020 Presenter Sabrina Newby

Have you ever been discouraged by the word NO? It’s a powerful word. SHE HUSTLES 2020 speaker Sabrina Newby shares how the word NO led her to the success she has today, and why we should not always be discouraged when we hear it as an answer to our biggest questions. Watch to learn!

About Sabrina:

Sabrina Newby is the CEO and Manufacturer of the BouGie Natural ® hair body & perfume product line. Sabrina launched Bougie Natural Salon & Products in 2007, and it has since become an international brand. Sabrina is also the founder and CEO of the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber Of Commerce that operates within fourteen counties within the coastal area. While wearing the hat of the CEO of the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber, Sabrina developed programs such as Smart Women Achieving Greatness aka S.W.A.G, which is a platform that empowers women to lead and created a social media talk platform and travel guide called the “Inner Circle that spotlights the hidden treasures of the coastal area. Sabrina has made it her business to grow healthy hair while growing healthy companies.

Sabrina is a Louisiana Native. She and her husband, Dexter, were relocated to Hinesville by the U.S. Army in 2001. They fell in love with the coastal area and decided to make it their home. Sabrina is currently pursuing her Doctorates in Policy Administration, and when not working or studying, she enjoys spending time traveling with her husband. Sabrina is the proud mother of Malcolm and Martin Newby and the grandmother of three.

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