Creating Brand Experience to Drive Profit ft. Megan Kranzler


Is your brand experience optimized? Don’t think it matters? Your brand experience can affect your business’s bottom line. A positive brand experience leads to increased trust between your company and your customers. In fact, 46% of consumers say they would pay more for a brand they trust (Salsify, 2022). But what exactly is a brand experience? You might be surprised at what it entails.

In today’s session, Megan will delve into the concept of a “brand experience” and why it’s crucial for companies. So, let’s dive into the world of creating remarkable brand experiences with Megan Kransler.

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Understanding Branding

Megan starts by emphasizing the importance of clarifying what a brand is before discussing the brand experience. She points out that a brand is not just a logo or a color scheme; it’s the perception that people have of your business. As a business, your role is to influence and shape this perception, which is where the concept of a brand experience comes into play.

What is a Brand Experience?

Brand experience is the culmination of every interaction someone has with your brand. It includes not only visual elements but also the emotional and sensory aspects that people associate with your business. Megan highlights that creating a brand experience is about making people feel something memorable when they engage with your brand.

The Benefits of a Strong Brand Experience for Small Businesses

For small businesses, developing a compelling brand experience offers several advantages. It helps establish credibility quickly, especially when you are a new entrant or expanding into a new market. A professional and consistent brand experience enables small businesses to compete with larger, more established brands, as it instills trust in potential customers. Additionally, a well-crafted brand experience aids in building brand recognition, increasing customer retention, and boosting the business’s confidence and performance.

When Should Small Businesses Focus on Brand Experience?

While it’s ideal to consider brand experience from the inception of your business, Megan suggests that it’s never too late to start focusing on it. Your brand should be a dynamic entity that evolves as your business grows. Megan recommends incorporating brand strategy, which informs decisions related to your logo, color palette, and fonts, among other elements.

The Role of Digital and Physical Brand Experience

Your brand experience extends to both digital and physical environments. Your website and social media presence play a crucial role in shaping the virtual aspect of your brand experience. Megan underscores the importance of maintaining consistency across these environments and ensuring that everything associated with your brand looks, sounds, and feels like your brand.

Why Hire a Professional to Develop Your Brand Experience?

Megan highlights the value of hiring a professional when it comes to developing your brand experience. Professional designers bring a wealth of expertise and strategy to the table. They understand how to convey the right message to your potential customers, which goes beyond creating a logo or choosing colors. Megan emphasizes that professionals can help you improve the quality of your content and ensure that your brand identity remains fresh and appealing to your audience.

In closing, creating an unforgettable brand experience is more than just designing a logo or picking colors. It’s about crafting a cohesive, consistent, and emotionally resonant experience for your audience, whether in the digital or physical realm. Small businesses can gain a competitive edge, build trust, and leave a lasting impression by prioritizing their brand experience. If you haven’t yet, consider investing in professional design expertise to take your brand experience to the next level.

Megan Kranzler, Owner and Visual Brand Designer at Olive Ridley Studios, explains what is truly meant by the term brand experience, why it deeply matters for a company to curate a brand experience, and how to optimize a brand experience to stand out (in a good way).

About Megan

Megan Kranzler is the founder of Olive Ridley Studios, a creative agency based in Savannah, GA. Specializing in visual branding, she creates tangible designs to transform brands into experiences. This can take the form of identity design, print design, and experiential design. She’s worked with local brands like Auspicious Baking Company, Two Tides Brewing Company, and Litefoot Company. Megan strives to help small businesses succeed by building a better brand experience. She loves working with industry disruptors so they can make waves together!