Watch “8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business” ft. Tim Mercer

Are you thinking of starting a business? Have you considered what it takes to build and sustain a business? We welcomed Tim Mercer,  CFO, Private Lender, and Published Forbes Author, who shared 8 insights he learned from starting multiple businesses. Today he is the CFO and Managing Partner of a business consulting firm that in 2019 ranked #357 on Inc 500’s annual list of the Fastest Growing Companies with a growth rate of 1,412% and has accrued over $70 million dollars in revenues since its inception 2008.  Watch the interview for Tim’s 8 tips.

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01:41 – Tim Mercer shares his entrepreneurial background

04:52 – Tim shares why he’s passionate about this topic

06:43 – (1) The Physical & Mental Drain of Entrepreneurship

10:55 – (2) Do you have the ability to embrace risk?

13:31 – (3) Expect to be a salesperson

16:34 – (4) Do you have a market for your products or services?

18:38 – (5) You may be better offer buying a business than starting from scratch.

20:31 – (6) Do you personally have enough money set aside to support yourself?

28:13 – (7) Have you determined an exit strategy?

30:55 – (8) Expect to be fearful at times

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