Wallawallet, The Next Social MarketPlace for Cryptocurrency

If you want to learn more information about cryptocurrency as well as how to buy and sell your own some day, there is a local company that can help with that.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Savannahian Jeremy Fletcher who is the CEO and Co-founder of Ledgerama LLC, a company that seeks to share information about cryptocurrency, including what it is and how to use it. Specifically, Ledgerama’s goal is to build trust online around Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). 

What is a DLT? In short, it is a digital system by which transactions are stored across multiple locations that work together in a secure network to verify the transactions’ accuracy and by using cryptography. The data is not stored in one place, unlike with typical, centralized databases. DLTs are also immutable, which means the transactions cannot be erased or changed and that there is always an accurate history available. These factors combined make it a much safer and secure network than centralized data storage.

Ledgerama has parterened with Hedera Hashgraph, which is a public DLT, to help educate the people about Hedera’s native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency called HBAR. Jeremy shared with me that one advantage of teaming up with Hedera is that they work closely with their members. “We get a little bit of an inside track,” Jeremy explains. “As an example, we are getting to see how and what consumers are wanting. I am a Hedera MVP. They [even] have a webpage dedicated to us. ”

On top of educating the public about the value of the HBAR crypto, Jeremy and the Ledgerama team have launched an app called Wallawallet, which is a mobile wallet for storing HBAR.  The team also includes Ledgerama Co-founder and CTO Robert Kainz and Lead Designer Katherine Ley. They have been  working to bring cryptocurrency to local merchants, artists, and influencers through Wallawallet. Their ultimate goal is to help local economies by creating a social marketplace where users can sell, buy and trade HBAR in a space designed to accommodate them. They want to see the growth from digital money to a currency that consistently holds value and can save people money. “We want to provide users the ability to survive and thrive in any market, whether the markets are up or down. We have tools such as market indicators that indicate the overall state of the market, whether it’s a good time to get in or whether it’s best to hold off,”Jeremy shares.

 The team wants to provide their consumers with the same accessibility that Hedera extends to them, which is why they have made Wallawallet so easy to use. 

“Say I want to get into buying and trading HBAR, how do I utilize Wallwallet?,” I ask Jeremy. “After you download the app, you will be set up with an account. It’s free. It doesn’t require any registration. There’s no identification, there’s no games. You don’t even have to submit an email address. When you download the wallet, it’ll create a direct account linked to your public address,” Jeremy delineates. Wallawallet is integrated with a widget MoonPay, which allows you to buy, trade, and sell. “After you’ve created an account, you can start purchasing cryptocurrency,”he adds.

After launching fully on all platforms, including iOS, in December of 2020, Wallawallet has become an international platform for buying, trading and storing HBAR. “It’s a global thing. We will be focusing on Savannah initially but have plans to go much broader.” Jeremy exclaimed. In fact, Wallawallet  just recently added 12 new languages to their dialogue to accommodate their current 6,000 users. We agreed that it’s only up from here! 

For now Ledgerama is focussed on bringing cryptocurrency to local communities with digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens, which can be used to represent art, videos, photos, or anything that can be kept on a digital file. From there they will eventually offer coupons.I laughed a little when he said coupons and asked how coupons  could play into cryptocurrency. Jeremy enlightened me that coupon fraud is a major issue in our country and explained that by transferring these tokens into redeemable coupons, the hope is to eliminate that side of coupon fraud.

Want to learn more about the work Ledgerama is doing or maybe just about cryptocurrency in general? Jeremy invites you to reach out and join the conversation via Discord, Telegram or through their website!