Verizon Offering Get Digital-ready Small Business Program with 500k Grant Opportunity

Owning a small business means being ready to serve your customers wherever they may be. And there’s no better real estate for your latest entrepreneurial endeavor than having a digital storefront. 

Verizon knows that, and that’s why they’ve created the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program. This grant funding gives business owners the chance to receive up to $500,000 through the program, bringing your small project the advanced resources to thrive in the modern digital economy. 

Rose Stuckey Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Verizon, emphasized the significance of this initiative by stating, “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. We developed the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready portal to give small businesses tools and resources that can help them succeed and, ultimately, help benefit their local economies.”

Verizon’s program uses a carefully crafted plan to meet the unique needs of your business. You’ll get access to mentorship, peer networking, expert coaching, and enticing grant funding opportunities as well as access to live and virtual events. Additionally, you’ll gain access to more than a crash course in preparing your business to make a jump into the digital market. The program offers more than 40 courses focusing on marketing, social media strategy, and website design. And if that sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Verizon can appreciate that you might not have the time to get a whole master’s degree in marketing, accounting or business process engineering. All of this instruction comes in easy-to-handle 30-minute courses.

The best part of all of this? It’s free. So you can jump in when you want, find the resources you need, and get back to running your business. More than 100,000 people took advantage of this great opportunity in 2022, giving small businesses a fighting edge in an uncertain economic climate. 

The impact of this initiative is already being felt by small business owners. Joe Alvarez, co-founder of iCareClean, shared his success story: “We had taken a Verizon Small Business Digital Ready course on social media and wanted to invest in digital marketing. And we were fortunate to receive a Verizon Small Business Digital Ready grant. With the grant funds, we funded marketing projects and placed ads in online search results and on social media, all of which have significantly helped our sales efforts.”

This initiative is part of Verizon’s goal to support 1M small businesses by 2030 with the resources to thrive in the digital economy as part of its responsible business plan, Citizen Verizon.


Visit to learn more about the company’s responsible business efforts and Verizon’s grant opportunity.


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