Understanding the Business Loan Process with the Small Business Assistance Corporation ft. Victoria Saxton

Victoria Saxton joins us to share insights on the business loan process with the Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC). Victoria is the Chief Financial Officer of the Small Business Assistance Corporation and has been a member of the SBAC team for 7 years. During this Lunchtime Topic, she shares:

– About the different loan options available

– The qualifying factors when seeking to get a loan

– If you don’t yet qualify, steps to take to qualify for a loan

– About the application process

– About Technical Assistance available to loanees

Learn more about the SBAC and its loan programming by visiting https://sbacsav.com/.

More about the SBAC…

Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC) is a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury, and operating since 1989. SBAC is licensed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Community Advantage Lender, Certified Development Company (504/CDC), and a Microloan Intermediary. SBAC is also contracted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for lending to rural area businesses, manages the City of Savannah Business Loan programs, and services the Savannah Regional Small Business Capital Fund. SBAC offers twelve (12) different loan programs, with loan ranges from $1,000 – $5.5 Million, to assist start-up and established businesses across all economic and demographic sectors. SBAC strives for socio-economic improvement for all citizens through the expansion of small business by creating equitable access to capital.

Apply for a loan or Contact the SBAC by visiting their page here https://sbacsav.com/apply-online/.