Troublefish — A brand. A dream. Designer toys from Savannah.

This week’s blog is from Thomas Troisch, former marine biologist, video game artist, corporate designer and ad-man turned toy maker.  Read on as Thomas circles you with his new found entrepreneurial spirit, the excitement of launching Troublefish, and the debut of his first product.  FYI – – The Creative Coast’s blogspot is Savannah’s sounding board for local thinkers, innovators, wanderers and wonderers. Guest bloggers share their thoughts, opinions and creative noodling from all over the map…


Sometimes people have dreams that they put aside to make a more lucrative career. Sometimes those people are lucky enough to go back to their dreams and say, “Now, it’s your turn.”  That’s the dream I’m living right now, right here in Savannah.

My name is Thomas Troisch, and I’m a professional illustrator and designer — and I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for my first vinyl toy. Save the date: February 3rd, 2016! Drop by and check it out here, on Kickstarter! My creative journey started more than fifteen years ago when I left biotech research to pursue a rewarding career in visual communication and interactive entertainment.  But, after spending years pouring my creativity into the intellectual property of others, I’m now ready to follow my own philosophy and my own dreams. Savannah’s small-town resources, supportive entrepreneurial community, and tight-knit atmosphere, as well as its close proximity to the sea, have roused me to focus on my passion of establishing and maintaining my nascent brand, Troublefish. Inspired by my degree in marine biology and my love of science fiction, I created Capt. QUINT, the first in a new series of collectible 8-inch vinyl toys, nautically-themed and retro-styled. CQ_WorkshopQUINT, whose name comes from the ill-fated shark hunter of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 JAWS movie, is inspired by the distinct lines of legendary comic book artist Hergé, by the iconic designs and vivid markings from the golden age of aviation, and by mankind’s inherent fascination with sharks. Capt. QUINT is just the first of his kind, with a school of more characters in development! As a long-time fan of urban vinyl (designer toys), I was familiar with its methods of design and creation, as well as knowing some of its major players. Sometimes, however, I lacked certain key connections, which is where my strategic move to Savannah was vital. A supporting and inspiring environment is critical to any entrepreneur’s success, and that is exactly what I found in Savannah.  Here in our town, we have entities such as The Creative Coast and 1 Million Cups that foster networks of entrepreneurs and that facilitate the sharing of knowledge. CQ_KS_titlecardI hope you will join me on my entrepreneurial journey to make my vision a reality.  The Kickstarter launches on February 3rd, and with your help, I can make Capt. QUINT swim off the shelves by summer. Savannah is a great town for startups, and I am certain that I, and many others in this forum, will be added to the lauded ranks of successful businesses that began in Savannah! Thomas Troisch Founder. Designer. Toy Maker. Troublefish]]>