SAVANNAH – After introducing “The Case of the Dead Paparazzi” in Michigan and subsequently facilitating the game in over forty cities covering six states, the game has now been brought to Savannah to finally have a permanent home. The storyline is as follows:

Last night a member of the local paparazzi was found dead in their downtown apartment. Police
headquarters has since narrowed down the suspect list to nine, the suspected weapons list to seven, and the
possible crime scenes to six. It is now up to you, our CSI department, to determine whodunit, with what
weapon, and where. Clues are littered around town and we have special agents working on the case and
forwarding you information as we get it. Can your team crack the case? Was it Miss Starlet with the 9 iron
at Ellis Square? Round up a team of four and register to find out …

Teams of two to four players will compete simultaneously to solve the crime and win a “Night on the Town” prize package courtesy of Savannah destination spots and retail shops. The experience has been described as “The Amazing Race” meets the board game Clue. The cast features a mix of professional actors, comedians, and improv performers. The event has been created by Donny Klemmer Jr. and it is set to launch in Savannah throughout the entire month of August.

The schedule of events, answers to common questions, and ticket information can be found at

More detailed questions and interview requests can be directed to Donny Klemmer Jr. at either (912) 421-5150

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