The Rise of Tech Opportunities in Georgia: How Innovation is Creating Economic Development in the Peach State

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In recent years, Georgia has emerged as a burgeoning hub for technology jobs, offering promising opportunities for those within the tech sector and for individuals considering a career switch. This rise is part of a broader trend as tech jobs across the nation continue to grow in demand and importance. The advantages of pursuing a career in tech are becoming increasingly clear. Read about why this upward trend for tech jobs is great for Georgia and how to get tapped into the local tech and entrepreneurial scene. 

A Growing Demand for Tech Talent

As noted by Savannah CEO, “new job postings for tech occupations reached 209,000 in May, an increase of nearly 27,000 from April and the highest total since June 2023, according to CompTIA’s ‘Tech Jobs Report.'” In total, there were almost 427,000 active tech job postings last month. Jobs included tech support staff, artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, software developers, web developers, network architects, and more with over “26,000 postings for AI-related roles, reflecting the critical need for skills in this area.”

Georgia is one of several states at the forefront of this tech job surge. In January 2024, Georgia was ranked in the top 10 states for tech professionals. As recently as May 2024, Georgia saw “increases of more than 1,000 job postings,” a significant indicator of the industry’s growth according to the report from Savannah CEO. This increase places Georgia right behind major tech hubs like Texas, California, and Illinois, which also experienced substantial rises in tech job postings in May.

The Advantages of Tech Careers for Individuals

One of the most compelling reasons to pursue a tech career is the lucrative compensation packages. Tech jobs generally offer higher salaries compared to non-tech roles, driven by the high demand for skilled tech workers and the specialized knowledge required. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL), the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was “$104,420 in May 2023, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $48,060.

Beyond competitive salaries, tech jobs provide greater job security and growth opportunities. The rapid pace of technological advancements ensures a steady demand for tech professionals. Overall employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032. A recent BSL report states that “about 377,500 openings are projected each year, on average.”

Additionally, companies within Georgia’s tech sector are known for their forward-thinking cultures, encouraging employees to develop cutting-edge solutions. This environment is particularly appealing for individuals who thrive on challenges and continuous learning. Tech jobs often offer dynamic and innovative work environments that foster creativity and problem-solving. 

It’s also no surprise that flexibility is another significant advantage of tech jobs. Many tech companies embrace remote work and flexible schedules, allowing employees to achieve a better work-life balance. This is especially relevant in the post-pandemic world, where remote work has become increasingly common.

Societal Impact and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Tech jobs have a profound impact on societal progress. Innovations in technology drive improvements in healthcare, education, communication, and many other areas. Tech professionals in Georgia have the opportunity to work on projects that make a real difference in people’s lives, whether it’s developing software that improves accessibility or creating platforms that connect people globally.

The tech industry also offers fertile ground for entrepreneurship. Georgia’s tech ecosystem is supportive of start-ups, providing resources such as incubators, accelerators, and venture capital to help budding entrepreneurs succeed. Many successful start-ups have emerged from Georgia, driven by innovative ideas and technological advancements. Learn about startup resources in Savannah by browsing our (The Creative Coast) website here and visiting

Opportunities in Savannah

Savannah’s leading industries offer a wealth of opportunities for innovation and disruption. As stated in a recent Wall Street Journal article on economic impacts, “Hyundai’s new Georgia plant is only one piece of the economic picture. Currently, eight additional suppliers plan to build their own sites in Georgia, accounting for an additional $2 billion investment and another estimated 5,000 jobs.” 

The Port of Savannah further enhances this potential, being the fourth-largest seaport in North America and the second-largest on the East Coast. According to the Savannah Area Chamber, Georgia’s deepwater ports and inland barge terminals support nearly 561,000 jobs throughout the state annually.” The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is only expected to grow over the next decade. According to an April 2024 GPA press release, the “GPA will move from a 7.0 million TEU capacity port to 12 million TEUs in less than a decade.” 

Savannah has also witnessed the success and growth of local innovative startups. A few such successes include Focus Lab, OnPoint Digital, InventureIT, Green Badger, Speros, Latapult, Infinity Inc., BluWorkz, and more. 

As technology continues to evolve, the demand for skilled tech workers will only increase, promising a bright and rewarding future for those who choose to pursue a career in tech. The time to be part of Georgia’s tech revolution is now! If you’re looking for innovative and digital jobs in Savannah or hoping to hire soon, check out our job board here.

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