Finalists and winners of SCAD Startup competition announced

The SCAD Startup finals took place on February 11th. This year’s competition was as competitive as ever with student participants from over 35 majors and more than 90 teams. Read all about the 2022 winners below! 

Yes, the finalists and winners of the SCAD Startup competition have been announced! 

First place went to The King’s Women with their project ‘Fable’. The team members include Madelyn Buchmann, Adrienne Krozack and Erin Marshall. Their project was inspired by the observation that we need to improve food production by 70% by the year 2050. The team explained the importance of farmable soil and boosting fresh and locally sourced food. Their project addressed the need by creating a “fridge freezer growing cell” called Fable based on hydroponics benefits. Hydroponics is “a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture which involves growing plants, usually crops, without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent.”

Second place went to The Paregoros with their project ‘Soothe’. The team members include Grigsby Arnette, Greg Biggerstaff, Claudia Purdie, Jocelyn Webb and Tess Gatts. Their remarkable project was based on bringing the homeless “back on their feet.” They created a shoe that is designed to improve your mental and physical health, employing the buy-a-pair, give-a-pair process, similar to early mission of Tom’s.  The shoe was designed with the homeless community, disabled persons and persons struggling with chronic pain in mind. 

Third place was awarded to Team  BeeHIND with their project ‘Tau’. The team members include Piper Wishart, Kayla Brander, Reda Raubaite and Ghalib Othman. This intuitive team created an app that makes the process of obtaining a work visa easier than the current pathway. The app tells you what you have done, what your next steps are and what you still need to accomplish. The target audience for this idea is international students that may struggle obtaining a work visa after graduating from a university in the United States.

The fan favorites, Team Fab5, presented their project ‘leap’. The team members include Emily Lee, Sami Newman, Jobelle Mok, McKenna Anderson and Bennett Hoisington. This innovative project is built on technology that limits screen time, promoting personable connections and time spent offline. They envision the app to be compatible with Apple’s current screen time software to create custom settings and real time progress updates. 


The finalists included Team Checkmate with their project ‘FLTR’. The team includes Preksha Bokaria, Mahek Talaviya and Meghna Parikh.  Also among the finalists was Team Penguins on the Prowl whose project was ‘homE’. Team members include Anushua Sinha, Bhavna Bhavanishankar, Harshitha Suresh, Tamisha Shankar and Urvi Thakker.


The Creative Coast would like to formally congratulate these wonderful teams and applaud their creativity and unique approaches to problem solving!  

The SCAD Startup is the Savannah College of Art and Design’s annual, week-long design sprint hosted by FLUX in collaboration with SCADPRO. The student managed event, is a competition for teams of undergrad and graduate students across any major in Savannah, Atlanta, or SCAD’s e-learning program. Participating students get to create and design a startup idea based around the event’s central theme, and at the end of the sprint, pitch their design to a panel of judges for the chance to win from a prize pool valued at over $40,000.

 Students entered as a team or were assigned a team and started on the first day of the design sprint to begin creating and collaborating on their idea. Over the course of the week, teams received guidance and feedback from industry experts who serve as their mentors. This year, 34 mentors from companies such as MailChimp, Spotify, Apple, Intuit, and Adobe, offered their insights to students. Teams also had the opportunity to attend educational sessions on subjects like coding, storytelling, product design, and visual design, to help them throughout the sprint. Deliverables include a pitch deck, a 30-second video explaining their team’s idea, a solid business model, and what they call the WOW Factor  – or in other words, what makes an idea stand out from the rest.  SCAD Startup is an opportunity for students to make connections with the industry professionals mentoring them, get experience collaborating with other students on a big idea, flex their design skills, learn new skills in workshops, garner experience pitching their idea, and ultimately add to their portfolio of experience.

To learn more about SCAD Startup visit the event page here.

About SCADPro:

SCADpro is a collaborative design studio that connects current and future art and design professionals with business leaders to find creative and inventive solutions to real-world challenges.  

About FLUX:

A student-run organization from the Savannah College of Art and Design. FLUX exists to foster a community of leaders and problem-solvers through UX Design.


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