The UGA SBDC’s 10 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Business

10 Tips to Turbocharge Your Website

In the increasingly digital world in which we live, having a website for your company is critical – and small businesses are not exempt. Yet, many business owners struggle to navigate the world of web design. The myriad of do-it-yourself website builders, with their templates, settings and analytics, can overwhelm the inexperienced digital marketer. In this session, we will discuss the functions of a website, how to optimize it, how to analyze your site’s performance, as well as compare different platforms.

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Savannah’s Focus Lab a coveted company to work for

Focus Lab is a renowned, award-winning agency serving clients all over the United States with hundreds of designers and brand specialists competing to work at the company. Focus Lab seems to have a secret sauce that makes customers and employees thrilled to work with and for them, but what are the ingredients of that sauce?

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