The Risk of Productivity & What to Do About It ft. Erik Reagan

In this Lunchtime Topic, Erik Reagan, Co-founder and COO of Focus Lab, will share why it’s important and vital to us both personally and professionally to be human beings, not human doings. He’ll share how to achieve more and enrich our professional worlds without thinking in terms of being highly productive as a key indicator of accomplishment.

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Set 2022 Goals with the Creative Coast Lunchtime Topic

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How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Whether you’re still setting intentions or already kicking yourself for not living up to too-high expectations, checking in with The Creative Coast’s cadre of coaches can help you build motivation and focus on who you want to become in 2022.

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How I Turned My Service-Based Business Into a Digital Product ft. Caitlin Lindsey

_Brunchtime Topic ft. Caitlin Lindsey (2)

Have you been sitting on an online product idea, but aren’t sure how to get it going? Want to figure out how to set up a potential passive income stream that has you making money while you sleep? In this Brunchtime Topic, we talked with Caitlin Lindsey, Founder of Fit To Entertain, to learn how she launched her new online product Fit To Eat, plus how she is marketing it.

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Brenden DelaRua Presents Marketing Funnels to Keep Your Pipeline Full

You need a sound marketing strategy to keep your pipeline full of ideal clients. Marketing your creative services becomes an unwanted chore when you are too busy keeping up with your current workload. So how do you make your marketing funnel work for you? Brenden The Marketer will show you how to create a marketing funnel that is defined for your target audience even with all the outside influences that are affecting your marketing funnel every day.

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10 Steps to Avoid a Cyber Breach ft. Lokx & Fortinet | Creative Coast Lunchtime Topic

Lunchtime Topic ft. Lokx and Fortinet (1)

Does your company have an up-to-date and active cybersecurity strategy in place? You read and hear about the high-profile cyber breaches – Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, T-Mobile, AT&T, LinkedIn, Kaseya, Oldsmar (FL) Water Treatment, Microsoft, SolarWinds, et al. However, there are thousands more breaches/events weekly you never hear about because they are not household names. Cybercrime is ever-evolving, and it’s a business emanating from gangs in the nation-states – they go to work every day in tall shiny buildings! No sector, business segment, or organization size is immune.

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Moving From Ideation to the Planning Phase of Business Development ft. Nita Penn

The workshop will give an overview of the Three Phases of Business and how ideation is used throughout the phases via iteration. The primary focus of the workshop will be on the preamble/startup phase. Most people generally refer to ideation as “brainstorming” but adding Strategy, SMART goals, and Prioritization makes it IDEATION and will set you up for greater success and make you more likely to gain access to capital.

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