Built on Purpose Launches with Fundraising Campaign to Eliminate Local Medical Debt

Built on Purpose, the latest leadership development provider by Erik Reagan, is ready for business. As part of its mission, Built on Purpose is launching with a goal to donate $5 million to nonprofits. To jump-start its charitable efforts, the company will partner with RIP Medical Debt on a launch fundraising campaign to help eliminate medical expenses in the Savannah area and beyond.

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Live2Lead Savannah

Learn from world-class leadership experts, be prepared to implement a new action plan, and start leading with renewed passion and commitment. All happening right here in Savannah, removing the common conference costs of traveling.

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How Transformational Leaders Create Successful Teams

Are you leading a team for the first time and feeling as though you could use guidance? Perhaps you’ve been in leadership roles for a while but you’re in need of new perspective from someone who has been in your shoes?

DeLisa Clift, founder and CEO of Global Business Development Strategist LLC, will be speaking with us about how successful teams are created through transformational leadership.

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