How Transformational Leaders Create Successful Teams

Are you leading a team for the first time and feeling as though you could use guidance? Perhaps you’ve been in leadership roles for a while but you’re in need of new perspective from someone who has been in your shoes?

DeLisa Clift, founder and CEO of Global Business Development Strategist LLC, will be speaking with us about how successful teams are created through transformational leadership.

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HR 101 for Small Business

Human Resources is about people. It has a huge effect on the culture and environment in your workplace, setting the tone for how employees communicate, settle disputes, and work with each other. In this seminar, you will learn what you need to know as a new or growing small business for managing HR in your workplace.

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Savannah’s Focus Lab a coveted company to work for

Focus Lab is a renowned, award-winning agency serving clients all over the United States with hundreds of designers and brand specialists competing to work at the company. Focus Lab seems to have a secret sauce that makes customers and employees thrilled to work with and for them, but what are the ingredients of that sauce?

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