Lunchtime Topics: Mapping the Customer Journey

Watch Yvonne Jouffrault, Founder and Product Marketing Guru to learn how to grow your business and improve retention by mapping every interaction with your customer from the time they first hear about your product or service through their conversion to becoming a paying customer and engaging with your product and team.

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VIRTUAL – Lunchtime Topic with Victoria Baylor: The Art of Creating a Magnetic Brand: How to Stand Out and Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients

Lunchtime Topic with Victoria Baylor - Event Image

Did you know that the greatest asset you have in business is YOU!  Acquiring clients, opportunities, and increased income shouldn’t be a major struggle when you’ve tapped into Your Personal Brand Brilliance.  In this session, we will uncover 3 strategies on how to use your personal brand more effectively to attract the visibility, clients, and revenue you desire.

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Lunchtime Topic: Build Your MVP with Low or No Code

Today’s Lunchtime Topic covered how to build your MVP with Low-Code or No-Code applications. We covered what is Low-Code / No-Code, target audience for both types of “PaaS” – Platform as a Service. The fact that you still needed to have a process to determine the type of application you are building (Mobile or Web…

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