AI-Powered LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshop

Graphic Image AI Powered LinkedIn Profile Workshop

Unlock the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile!
Join this hands-on workshop and in just two hours, learn how to use ChatGPT and Canva to give your profile a complete makeover. Turn your LinkedIn presence from passive to powerful, and watch your network grow.

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Leveraging Generative AI to Boost Revenue

What exactly is Generative AI? How is it most helpful for startups and businesses? What AI tools are available to streamline processes and make companies more profitable? 

Murem Sharpe addresses all of these questions and more during this special recording of “Leveraging Generative AI to Boost Revenue for Your Products and Services.” Learn why and how Generative AI can help companies be more efficient and bring in more revenue. 

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Artificial Intelligence & Magic: Kevin Dewalt Shares the Success of Prolego

A 20+ year veteran of the startup world, Dewalt has found success with Prolego, a company recently joining the ranks of the Inc. 5000 list.  The company works to implement artificial intelligence solutions within large companies. Their homepage says “Let’s build a future where AI is the default operating system of your business.” But what does that really mean? 

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