Swiftarc Ventures Announces $10MM Beauty Fund Focussing on Diversity & Disruption

Swiftarc Ventures has taken a leap towards boosting female lead industries and companies with their $10MM Beauty Fund. The Swiftarc Beauty Fund, LP is made up of an all-female council of five, with a mission “to be deliberate in backing underrepresented founders by fostering a diverse ecosystem and inspiring true industry change.” This focus also includes backing disruptive innovation in Female-Led Beauty and Wellness Brands.

Why take such a big leap on small businesses? In an interview with Rachel Brown from Beauty Independent, Swiftarc Chairman Sid Jawahar shared that 2020 helped the team to realize that the beauty industry has many changes to make in order to be more inclusive and socially aware, and the Swiftarc Beauty Fund is one of the ways that they are accomplishing this. “We were missing a deliberate focus to invest in female founders, even though we all had long supported that mission. So, we said the next thing we do need to address effectively [is] the gender imbalance as well as inclusion within different communities.” he shared.

Swiftarc has invested in ‘Alleyoop’, the first of many companies to be backed by the Swiftarc Beauty Fund.  With the slogan ‘Take care, not time,‘ this beauty startup focuses on creating high-quality, “versatile” beauty products that can be used for more than one thing, which allows women to apply their products faster and with fewer bottles. They are also cruelty-free, paraben-free, latex-free, aluminum-free, and phthalate-free. 

If you have a Beauty or Wellness idea that is disrupting the industry and are interested in being a part of this revolution, here are the links you need…

Swiftarc’s other funds:

  • Swiftarc Venture Labs Fund: The Venture Lab Fund started with $50MM, and was aimed to help bring a business from an idea to fruition. Swiftarc identifies their services in helping entrepreneurs as providing a range from startup capital and brand development to tangible business drivers including digital marketing, talent development, and founder coaching.
  • Swiftarc Telehealth Fund, LP: This $50MM fund is the world’s first telehealth venture fund and is intended to create new discoveries and innovations in the telehealth world. They are working globally to take advantage of all the opportunities arising from “key legislative changes in healthcare delivery.”

About Swiftarc Ventures

Swiftarc Ventures is an early and growth-stage Venture Capital Firm focused on identifying, curating, and developing the next generation of disruptive Consumer brands in the Consumer & Healthcare sectors.

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