Submit your proposal for Open Data for Good Grand Challenge by October 24th, get a shot at $210,000 in total cash prizes!

We utilize Open Data everyday without realizing it. It’s how we are able to get our information, whether it be through a search engine, an app or browsing on social media.  Unfortunately, the companies who build products based on Open Data are not always equipped and able to establish and maintain upkeep on them and the base information. That’s where you come in!

As of September 13th, the Census Bureau, along with their partners, U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have officially launched their Open Data for Good Grand Challenge. The competition is designed to help technologists and their collaborators better build their products and deliver them to their target audience through the creative use of open data.

In order to qualify to apply you must meet a certain criteria, which consists of eligibility requirements, proof of federal documentation, terms and conditions agreement and set of restrictions. To see the official list of requirements for applicants and judgment criteria for the submissions, you can view all of that information here. Once you have verified that you meet that criterion, you present your submission. 

To apply you must submit the following components between September 13th and October 24th, including the subject line: “Prize Submission: [Team Name, Product Name]”:

  1. Your team information- You must include your lead organization, contributors, eligibility and in-kind/non-monetary prize consideration choice.
  2. Your product information- This segment will need to include your team’s product name, product access information, and what problem area your product is focused on: Climate, Economy and Health sectors. 
  3. Your project description-  It is at max 4 pages long, that includes: product overview and functionality, user-centered design/build process, user-centered design/build process, impact and product implementation and sustainability plan. 
  4. Finally, collaborator letter(s) of support.

As well as submitting all additionally needed information via the Challenge Submission Form.

Deadline to apply is: 10/24/2021 11:59 PM ET

Click here to view full rules and requirements with descriptions.

Click here to view the example template for parts 1-3 that they offer, if you would find this helpful! 

To learn more about how to submit your application and the goal of the Open Data for Good Grand Challenge, click here.