Steel Bridge Associates launches in Savannah to provide innovative, effective, enduring supply chain advisory & management solutions

ATLANTA, Georgia (February 4, 2021) – Three industry veterans have partnered to combine their collective professional experiences across multiple industries in launching Steel Bridge Associates, Inc. The firm provides advisory services focused on how business outcomes can be improved by transforming the end-to-end supply chain. The new firm, with offices in Atlanta and Savannah, offers its clients the ability to transform existing operations through a disciplined engagement approach, which begins with understanding the business problems to be solved and the challenges coming from changing marketplace dynamics.
“Steel Bridge is well positioned to deliver on its founding principles of creating solutions which are Innovative, Effective & Enduring”, according to President & CEO Denver Clark. “Our founding partners bring over 9 decades of combined professional experience across management consulting, industry-based supply chains and facilities management supply chain.” 
Foundational to the Steel Bridge offering is embracing new technologies and driving measurable performance improvements. Powell Jones, Chief Strategy Officer, elaborates “Clients should not view progress as simply reducing current operating expenses. They need to understand how investments impact business goals, internal stakeholders and supplier partnerships.”

The Steel Bridge service offering is delivered through a client engagement approach which collaborates on data analysis, stakeholder inputs and business goals to design the solution, then works with Clients to implement successfully and execute the recommendations. “We want our Clients to understand that each one of us has been in their shoes before launching Steel Bridge,” states Evan Jones, Chief Operating Officer. “Our recommendations come from understanding what it means to be held accountable for achieving financial targets and performance improvement measures.”

For more information about Steel Bridge Associates, visit The firm can be reached directly by emailing or calling (404) 692-5560.

Media Contact:
Powell Jones, Chief Strategy Officer
Phone: (678) 478-6545