Stage Front Launches New Studio Space for Small to Mid-size Businesses

Stage Front Presentations Systems, a Savannah company providing audiovisual services, has launched a new studio for small to mid-sized businesses. We spoke with Clay McDaniel, Stage Front’s General Manager of Production Services, to learn more about the new studio and who it will serve.

“There was no place for small to medium-sized companies to be able to afford studio space.” McDaniels said. “A lot of companies don’t necessarily have the space, staff or budget to have their own studio so we converted an area of our office into a studio.”

The studio space accommodates up to four individuals on-screen comfortably and can be used to live-stream presentations or meetings. Video is recorded in high-quality with professional setup options and thousands of backgrounds to choose from, including animated sets. All equipment and staff are included in the rental price, and a Stage Front technician remains onsite to assist in setting up the technology and ensuring production goes smoothly. The price to rent for a full eight-hour day is $1,500. Half-day rentals run at $750.

Additionally, Stage Front is working hard to make sure the studio is COVID-safe. “We can bring you in without interacting without anyone else. The one and only person you are around is the technician that’s required to be on staff to help out” said McDaniels. As seen in the video below, studio sets have call-in capabilities allowing the background to display an in-screen video of remote participants. The space also includes HEPA filters and are UV treated for up to 8 hours before use. 

For information on renting Stage Front’s studio space, contact:

Please note that the image quality of this video, as recorded by The Creative Coast, does not reflect the image of Stage Front’s video capabilities. Video’s shot in the Stage Front studio will result in a much higher quality image.