Southern Automation Logistics & Technology (SALT) seeking Georgia Southern Interns for Software Development and Marketing

Internships are a vital part of every college student’s climb to success; most majors require internships to graduate, but all majors encourage students to have an internship while enrolled. Internships allow you as a student to learn beyond the confines of the classroom: they offer a chance for you to “get your hands dirty” and meet prominent employers. In fact, Forbes recently released statistics showing that 60% of internships result in job offers, allowing you to graduate with a plan in a business you know well.

Georgia Southern has partnered with many companies throughout Georgia and beyond to enhance the knowledge and confidence that their students continue to graduate with through those internships. While each school within the university has different guidelines and requirements, students are eligible to apply for any available internship  and if they are successful in landing the position, their hours earn credit towards graduation. The University itself offers many internships and also advertises opportunities with companies in the surrounding area.

One of those partnering companies is Southern Automation Logistics & Technology (SALT), right here in Savannah. SALT is partnering with Georgia Southern  “to help pair up the creative energies and raw talent of our apprentices with seasoned experience of our technology leaders in order to execute innovative solutions for companies in our own backyard.”

SALT is still fairly new to the game, being founded in 2020, but has already established itself as a successful technology-focused business. They collaborate with both industry and academia to bring to light new innovations in technology and allow these new ideas to be accessible and grow. The variety of internships available at SALT allow Georgia Southern students in many different focuses to step into the world of technology and explore their talents.

Current internship openings with SALT:

  1. Software Developer Apprentice:

| A few of the expectations:

  • Write object-oriented code.

  • Consistently meet scrum lead’s project deadlines.

  • Design, create, test, deploy, and maintain SQL scripts and procedures for use by applications.

| A few of the basic qualifications:

  • 0 to 3 years of experience using .NET Core or .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

  • 0 to 3 years of C#

  • 0 to 3 years of web development

Click here to apply and learn more about the position.  For an expedited review, please contact

  1. Marketing Apprentice:

| A few of the expectations:

  • Maintaining social media presence weekly.

  • Coordinating tabling events around the Georgia Southern area.

  • Strive to inform the community of our unique opportunities.

| A few of the requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of the process of Software Development or motivation to learn

  • Seeking professional growth in this field

  • Currently enrolled, or recently graduated, with Georgia Southern University

  • Reliable transportation (occasionally will need to commute between Statesboro and Savannah areas)

Click here to apply and learn more about the position.  For an expedited review, please contact

More about Southern Automation Logistics & Technology (SALT):

SALT is a company that uses knowledge, training programs, internships/apprenticeships and logistics to assist local companies to excel within their market, be the top choice when compared to competitors, and flourish within their community.

SALT’s mission statement is “to harness the creativity and ingenuity of our region to empower an engine of technological impact to last our community for generations.” And they accomplish that through their unique services and knowledge. SALT delights in:

  • Tech Leadership opportunities and training.

  • Teaching strategies and sharing their wisdom to help businesses succeed now and in the future.

  • Offering delivery and craftsmanship that allows their apprentices and internships to succeed beyond their years with SALT.

To find more information about Southern Automation Logistics & Technology (SALT) and opportunities, you can visit Facebook or LinkedIn. They also have a contact page where you can inquire within the company’s website.

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