She HUSTLES event builds momentum

Coco Papy saw an unmet need. “What I started noticing was that Savannah has a really strong small business community, and it’s predominantly powered by women and women of color,” Papy said. “And that correlates very heavily with national statistics.” She HUSTLES is an event series presented by The Creative Coast for Savannah’s community of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is a place where women can learn from one another and share not only their successes, but also what Papy describes as the “less savory” parts of business. “It is really an opportunity for women to talk about their experiences. Good, bad, complicated, messy. We all like to hear feel-good stories, but we also need to be real with the challenges of being an entrepreneur and a business owner.” Next Thursday’s event is the fourth in the series and features a panel of influential women in a variety of fields. Lori Collins, CEO of Savannah Coffee Roasters; SuAnne Fu, Chair of Interactive Design and Game Development at SCAD; and Mia Mance, Program Director at G100 the Throwback Station and founder of Mia Talks Media & Branding will share their knowledge and experiences from the front lines of leadership, entrepreneurship and life. The evening will also feature speed workshops — it’s She Hustles, not She Languishes — from superstars with skills to share. Leaders are Weslyn “Lady Mahogany” Bowers, presenter, author, and founder of Blessings in a Bookbag; and Dhylles Victoria, founder of Create Your Media Story. Attendees will also enjoy a complimentary head shot by Val Tannuzzi. Papy is optimistic about the direction of She HUSTLES. “I hope that it continues to grow in a way that will always forever serve our community,” said Papy. “As long as She HUSTLES is able to be a space where people are actively learning, where they’re actively able to promote who they are, where they’re able to find people like them, that’s good. That’s what matters.” The next She HUSTLES event is Thursday, February 28 at the Hellenic Community Center (14 W. Anderson Street) from 6-9pm.]]>