Set 2022 Goals with the Creative Coast Lunchtime Topic

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Whether you’re still setting intentions or already kicking yourself for not living up to too-high expectations, checking in with The Creative Coast’s cadre of coaches can help you build motivation and focus on who you want to become in 2022. 

At Lunchtime Topics, established experts share their tried-and-true strategies for personal and professional growth. Keep reading for three talks to revisit, and mark your calendar for return speaker and certified success coach Shannon James at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 19 for our first LunchTime Topic of 2022


1) “How smartphones, cable news and peppermint lattes have kidnapped our brains” with Dr. Davana Pilczuk

Going on two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, you might find your desire to achieve new goals under siege as a result of accumulated stress. (see: scrolling through your phone or watching cable news into the wee hours in an attempt to unwind.) Enter Dr. Davana Pilczuk, an award-winning kinesiologist and sought-after speaker who specializes in human performance. Dr. Pilczuk spoke with The Creative Coast community about building healthy habits for productivity and personal wellbeing.

Listen here.


2.) “How to survive, succeed, and have a long career” with David Harper of The Advisory Alliance

David Harper, owner and managing principal of leadership consultancy The Advisory Alliance, reviewed his experience in executive coaching and manager development to offer advice on navigating your career with the long game in mind. Whether you’re already at the top or looking to step into a managerial role, Harper speaks to leaders of all levels on how to focus on what’s important.  

Tune in here.


3.) “Intentional leadership” with Erik Reagan of Focus Labs

Another returning guest in January 2022, owner of brand agency Focus Labs Erik Reagan shared his lessons on both self-leadership and leading a team with intention — and how time is the most important resource of all. By planning ahead, being strategic, and building in accountability, Reagan discusses how to budget your time so you spend it on what you value.

Learn more here.


Would you like to be a featured guest on Lunchtime Topics or have someone you think would give a great talk? Apply to speak or nominate an expert here! Remember to mark your calendar for Lunchtime Topic speaker and certified success coach Shannon James at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 19!


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