Selfie WRLD Savannah, Georgia’s First Selfie Museum, to Launch on September 18th

Get ready! Selfie WRLD Savannah is coming. With more than 25 brick-and-mortar locations across the United States, Selfie WRLD is known as the number one trending selfie museum in the country. In fact, Selfie World Savannah will be the first of its kind in Georgia.

What is a selfie museum? According to Selfie WRLD Savannah, they are arguably one of the most instagrammable places in the Southeast. Over the past few weeks, their team has been painting, adding neon lights, and creating interactive features for 14 small rooms and installations that will serve as backdrops for snapping photos or filming videos. Every installation has a different theme and will be outfitted with a ring-light so lighting can be adjusted to each guests’ needs. Customers will be able to walk in or buy tickets online to book a one-hour time slot during which they can enjoy the different setups throughout the space.

One of the installations at Selfie WRLD Savannah. 

While extra photography equipment and setup is not permitted, Selfie WRLD is unique from similar experiences in that it allows guests to take photos with their own iPhone camera or bring in a professional DSLR camera at no extra charge. Not only is it a great place for families and friends to have a fun and unique experience, but it can be booked for private parties and events as well. Businesses will be able to utilize the space too. The installations will serve as a perfect backdrop for companies, especially photographers and digital media specialists, to get high-quality, professional photos and content. Companies should also consider booking their next staff outing at Selfie WRLD Savannah for a unique team-building experience. Groups of 15 or more get a discount!

Selfie Staffer Kewaan Drayton is the head of marketing at Selfie WRLD Savannah. An experienced entrepreneur and owner of two other businesses, Drayton’s been a key part of the team launching the endeavor. He shared the story of its origins: “A group of my family and friends were thinking about different ways we could bring something new and interesting to Savannah. We saw that Selfie WRLD was a new franchise that people of all ages were enjoying. One of the group made a significant investment, and we all just hopped on board to help her out.” Drayton has been working with Selfie WRLD founder Ashley Wilkerson, who started the company in Des Moines, Iowa after the pandemic slowed down her wedding photography business. 

During an interview on Justin Brady’s podcast, Wilkerson shared why she thinks Selfie WRLD has succeeded during a time when many are maintaining that brick-and-mortar spaces are dying – – people are craving new experiences. “When we opened in Iowa in June [of 2020], we had lines out the door. People were just ready to get out of their house and do something. They were bored, and this was something safe that they could do because we sanitize frequently and we require masks when they’re in the rooms,” Wilkerson elaborated. 

Installations offer different settings and backdrops for guests. According to Drayton, these themes will rotate in and out over time, keeping installations fresh with new ideas the team comes up with.

According to Drayton this is exactly what drew him and the Savannah team to the franchise. “The way that she’s developed it and built such a positive reputation in such a small amount of time has been very impressive. They’ve provided a roadmap to help other people come on board and get Selfie WRLD rolling in different parts of the nation, and that’s what we appreciate the most, including that there’s also going to be a lot of room for growth,” shared Drayton.

Speaking of growth, Drayton added that their goal is to set up another location in downtown Savannah eventually. They’re also considering going mobile in the future. “We’re thinking about offering temporary installations at parties and corporate events.”

Selfie WRLD Savannah will be located in Suite 200 at the Tanger Outlet Shopping Center in Pooler. Tickets, which are $22.50 per person, can be bought online or bought at the door subject to availability. The experience launches on Saturday, September 18, 2021 and doors open at 11 a.m.

To learn more about Selfie WRLD Savannah and grab your tickets for the launch, visit their page here:

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