Savannah’s Jessica Defino writes for Vogue: Why Savannah could be the next Clean Beauty capital of the U.S.

At the Creative Coast we often laud and amplify the fact that Savannah has the potential to be the logistics innovation hub or design center of the world, but the next clean beauty capital?

In her December 27th article for Vogue, Savannah’s Jessica Defino writes why Savannah could very well be “the country’s next clean beauty capital.” In her article, she features major clean beauty players living or running their headquarters here in Savannah.

Featured companies include:

RMS Beauty

Yaupon Teahouse & Apothecary

One Love Organics

Salacia Salts

FIELD (Augusta)

The article also delves into SCAD’s major, the Business of Beauty and Fragrance B.F.A. program, which was instituted in 2019.

Read the full article from Defino here: