Savannah’s “CJ the DJ” is Revolutionizing the Performance Industry with New App

Savannah State University Alum and local disc jockey CJ Jackson has set out to change the landscape of the performance industry. Along with co-founder William Montague, Jackson has launched a new app called Performer Pocket. The app solves a chronic problem for live performers, especially DJs.  

Savannah’s “CJ the DJ” is Revolutionizing the Performance Industry with New App

CJ Jackson is a successful DJ known as “CJ the DJ.” In September of 2023, he launched an app for performers called Performer Pocket, along with co-founder William Montague.

You probably have already heard of Jackson, who has a successful career in the music industry and is an award-winning DJ known as “CJ the DJ.” He is a long-time radio personality on Savannah stations and can often be found performing at different clubs and events around town. Like most good business ideas, his stemmed from a problem he was experiencing in his work.

The idea behind Performer Pocket came to fruition due to the hassles Jackson was facing engaging with his audience. If you’ve attended a club, concert, or live performance of any kind, then you know it is nearly impossible to engage with the performer amongst hundreds, sometimes thousands of other attendees, especially in a loud environment. It’s also difficult for the performer who is trying to keep their set or show running and the crowd entertained. 

Performer Pocket is a mobile app that specifically “lets performers take requests in real-time, receive tips virtually, and have fans connect with performers on the spot,” says Jackson. Fans scan a QR code provided by the performer to download the app and send requests in seconds. Most people don’t carry cash around these days so the virtual tip jar feature allows fans to show monetary appreciation and support with the click of a button. Additionally, the app provides performers with a one-stop shop to link all their social media handles on their accounts making it easier for fans to connect and follow performers across various social platforms. A merchandising feature can also be enabled to allow artists to sell memorabilia via Performer Pocket. Lastly, the booking feature allows fans to request quotes and schedule a performer for their own events. To further personalize the user experience, Performer Pocket allows the artist to fully customize their page by adding a personalized style and layout to their account. 

CJ Jackson wins Startup Runway $10,000 cash prize

Performer Pocket won the Judges Choice Award $10k grand prize at Startup Runway in June of 2023.

Performer Pocket is only $9.99 per month. It’s important to note that the platform is not limited to DJs alone but caters to all kinds of performers, including those involved in public speaking and other creative fields. Jackson shared that in his research, he found that “1.3 million people have been making money through live performances since COVID-19 and that number only continues to grow.” 

Performer Pocket has already gained promising traction before its official launch. In June of 2023, Jackson and Montague won Startup Runway in Savannah. The pitch competition featured local entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Performer Pocket’s pitch won the Judges Choice Award, which included a $10,000 cash prize. The business partners say their next steps are to continue building their foundation for the app here in the United States before taking it internationally. 

Performer Pocket officially launched in September and is now live for download. Learn more and download the app by visiting