Savannah’s Biggest Tech Brains to Come Together on November 5th for techSAV Day

On Saturday, November 5th, the first-ever techSAV Day will take place. The conference will bring together Savannah’s tech brains for a half-day event of connectivity and learning. The event is from techSAV, a community of innovators, designers, and technologists in Savannah that are passionate about building better products and a better community here. 

Whether you work remotely at a big tech firm or locally driving innovative change in your industry, this is an opportunity to connect with other techies to network, talk shop, and learn new skillsets from tech veterans. No matter your job title, if you’re working to build or support technology that solves BIG problems, you’ll enjoy this conference. The event has been curated for those designing and building tech as developers, managing the life cycle of their companies’ products, crafting complex marketing pipelines, and more. Serious tech startups are, of course, welcome too!

techSAV Day will feature four world-class technology speakers, who live right here in Savannah. Speaker announcements so far include Kevin Lawver, Software Engineer at Gusto & Co-founder/Director at techSAV, and Rocky Cole, Senior Research Manager at Jigsaw. Lawver will share on “Stack Evolution” covering the lifecycle of code from MVP to early stage startup to unicorn to giant publicly traded behemoth. Cole will speak on how friction can save the Internet from misinformation by walking us through some of the measures we can expect technology companies to take to counter online harms this election season and offering some thoughts on what they all have in common: friction. Stay tuned for the remaining speaker announcements by following @techSAV and @creativecoast. 

The event will take place from 8:30am to 1:00pm, and the full schedule can be found on EventBrite. techSAV Day is happening in partnership with The Creative Coast at their downtown location around beautiful Johnson Square. The Creative Coast is located 2 E. Bryan Street, suite #100A, in Expansive Workspace. Space is limited for the event so buy your tickets ASAP. Tickets cost $24 per person and can be purchased at

More About techSAV

techSAV is a community of innovators, designers, and technologists in Savannah, Georgia that are passionate about building better products and a better community here in Savannah. We grow and connect the tech community in Savannah by hosting meetups, connecting people, and celebrating successes!


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