Savannah SCORE names Jessica Belfry as its new Chapter Chair

News provided by Savannah Score:

(Savannah, GA) – Savannah SCORE has named Jessica Belfry its new Chapter Chair. Belfry, a Certified Savannah SCORE Mentor, began her new leadership role on October 1. Michael Siegel, Savannah SCORE’s current Chapter Chair, noted that “It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as the Chapter Chair of Savannah SCORE over the last four years. I am proud of the progress our team has made, the positive impact we have had on the hundreds of clients we have served, the community partnerships we have forged, the increased diversity of our volunteers, and the recognition we have received for our team’s work in the community. I am thrilled that Jess will be our new Chapter Chair. I look forward to doing all I can to support her as she leads Savannah SCORE into an exciting new chapter of our commitment to Savannah’s small business community.”

Savannah SCORE names Jessica Belfry as its new Chapter Chair

Jessica Belfry, new Chapter Chair

Belfry said “It is a privilege to be appointed Chapter Chair of Savannah SCORE. Representing such a fine group of mentors and volunteer-community advocates, I look forward to leading with excellence and continuing to strengthen the meaningful relationships that my predecessor, Michael Siegel has worked so tirelessly for.”

Belfry added that “Being only the second female appointed to the Savannah SCORE Chapter Chair role, I have a strong desire and obligation to lead within an inclusive environment.  It has been my goal as a fellow entrepreneur in both Savannah and the surrounding areas to ensure all voices in our community are heard, represented and respected.  Our chapter has made improvements, but still work to do to recruit active volunteers who fully represent our culture-rich community; I hope to do this by unleashing the strong desire within us all to work as one for the advancement of others.”

Michael Siegel

In FY2020, Savannah SCORE worked with 842 clients, conducted 1,532 free mentoring sessions, presented 63 free live virtual workshops, helped establish 239 new local businesses, and achieved a Client Satisfaction Rating of 91.4, one of the highest in the nation. In 2019, the Chapter was named “Mid-Market Chapter of the Year” and, in 2020, became a Diamond Level Chapter, an honor achieved by fewer than 10% of SCORE’s 240 chapters around the country.

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