Savannah SCORE Announces Leadership Team for Fiscal 2023

Monday, October 17, 2022 — Savannah — Jessica Belfry, chair of the Savannah SCORE chapter (  announced today the new leadership team for the volunteer mentoring group including Dr. Valerie Reynolds who joins the team as vice chair.

“Val, with her newly minted doctorate degree in management of organizational leadership, plus her hands on experience as a business owner-turned-consultant and US Navy Commander, Val is the perfect person to lead our chapter,” said Jessica Belfry.  “Val has been a SCORE mentor for more than 2 and a half years, performing nearly 80 mentoring sessions in 2022.  Val has demonstrated her leadership skills within the chapter by creating and facilitating meaningful programs with valued partners including her alma mater, Savannah State University.”

SCORE is a unit of the Small Business Administration and has chapters throughout the U.S.  Volunteers who are generally local business leaders train to become mentors to small businesses and start-ups.  In fiscal 2022 the local Savannah SCORE chapter conducted 1,439 mentoring sessions with special emphasis on women & minority owned-business as well as veteran owned-businesses.

“I believe passionately in the work of SCORE and look forward to helping lead our organization.” Said Dr. Reynolds.  “I am particularly looking forward to recruiting new mentors with diverse skills and backgrounds.”

The Entire Executive Committee

The executive committee, headed by Mrs. Belfry also includes Ned Duffy, treasurer; Liz Kelley, social media chair; DeLisa Clift, Michael Siegel, Gary Johnson, Warren Bimblick, and William Bruner.

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