Sampson Digital Media Management & Consultation Plans to Put People First

Jordan Sampson is the CEO of Sampson Digital Media Management & Consultation and the recent first-place winner of FastPitch 2022. Before she began her startup, she was also the first place winner of the SSU Tiger Den Pitch Competition which she won after months of prepping her pitch with a business mentor and honing her business plan through a series of workshops. And long before that, she was a 7th grader singing in an Alabama church choir who realized that her talents lay in other areas of production where she could help people in unexpected ways. 

Sampson recently spoke with The Creative Coast about how she got her start in social media management, what she loves about her work, her  experience at FastPitch, and what she has planned for the future of her startup. Her consultation business specializes in social media management for early-stage organizations looking to build a following using the powers of a digital presence.

Currently, Sampson is majoring in Computer Information & Logistics Systems at SSU. Before she began Sampson Digital Media Management & Consultation, she was active in the choir at her church in Daphne, Alabama, but singing wasn’t her calling. “Singing was not the gift God blessed me with,” Sampson said with a laugh. “But I found myself in the sound room, and I really enjoyed working behind-the-scenes.” Sampson says she wasn’t intimidated that all the people working in the sound room were men, either.

“Francis Conaway [of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church] taught me so much and was my original mentor,” said Sampson. With the support of Conaway in the Media Ministry program,  Sampson took the helm on improving the church’s social media channels. She even helped create a church streaming service that was already in place by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Jordan Sampson enjoyed social media management from a young age, she didn’t always recognize it was something she could make a profession out of. “I always thought [social media] was something people just did themselves, even someone like Beyoncé,” said Sampson. “Then I came to find out that, no, Beyoncé doesn’t manage her own Instagram. That’s a career path.” 

Since she moved to Savannah to attend SSU, Sampson has had continued success helping businesses thrive. When asked what her hope for the future of Sampson Digital Media Management & Consultation is, she said, “I want to make it easier for small businesses to get started and to stay active,” said Sampson. “New business owners often feel overwhelmed, which is stressful. I’d like to be able to take at least the worry of social media away from them.”

Sampson also emphasized how thankful she was to participate in FastPitch and SSU Tiger’s Den Pitch Competition. What began as an opportunity for extra credit at SSU turned into two first place wins and thousands of dollars in seed money to help her startup grow. Fortunately for Jordan Sampson, her work is also her pleasure. “I get to meet people, talk to people, and help people. I’m such a people person,” said Sampson. “I love learning about other services and products, too, and figuring out how to translate that into social media for my clients.”

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