Reimaging the office: Tech for a flexible workspace and remote management

2020 taught us that flexible or remote work may be best for our company. While it can make operations better and more productive for your employees, it may pose a few challenges too. Enter Destiny Mojica-Taylor of scDataCom.

In this Lunchtime Topic, Destiny shares scDataCom’s tech tools to help you and your team manage/work in low person to person contact office settings or on remote teams. From building access-control tools to video cameras, these gadgets will assist you and your employees to work seamlessly. You can grant your employees access to the building without needing anyone present or keep everyone on the same page with video tech that meets your communication needs.

Additionally, if your retail or event space could use some help in terms of maintaining a limited occupancy to assure customers they are safe during the pandemic, Destiny provides an overview of this as well. Their tech can auto-count the number of people in your space, which will improve your relationship with clients by making them feel more comfortable and more likely to enter your store.

Watch Destiny’s full presentation below!

About Destiny…

Meet Destiny! Born in Texas but raised in Savannah joined the scDataCom team as our Commercial Account Manager. Graduating from Valdosta State University in 2018, she moved back to Savannah for the love of the city that raised her and to give back by helping the city move forward. When she’s not traveling or pretending to be on CHOPPED, she is out in the city helping Savannah’s local businesses protect their property, people, and patrons.

Ask Destiny today about:

  • Security Systems for Small businesses
  • Subscription Options (NEW!)
  • Access Control
  • Analytics to grow your business

To learn more about scDataCom, visit their page HERE.