Really-Virtual to open headquarters in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (May 13, 2022) – Really-Virtual, a veteran-owned technology company, announced today that they will be locating their headquarters in Savannah. They will initially employ 10 people in the fields of design and development and be located at 200 East Bryan Street.

Really Virtual is dedicated to closing the digital divide for the skilled labor workforce and began with an initial focus on equipment training. In 2018 they introduced the Real-Forklift virtual reality simulator. The Real-Forklift offers highly immersive virtual environments for skilled labor training.

“The reason we chose to move to Savannah was because of its unique offering. By being close to the Port of Savannah, we really have an opportunity to put our ear to the ground and hear what the industry is asking for,” said Really Virtual CEO Mike Morgan. “Then you have the forward-thinking of Savannah Technical College and their willingness to embrace our emerging technology to build an industry-leading certification program. Finally, if you want to be an innovator and leader you need extraordinary talent. What better opportunity is there than SCAD. We will do our small part to ensure the best and brightest will make Savannah their home after graduation by giving them a purposeful career addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the region through innovative use of hardware, software, and instructional design.”

“Really-Virtual is an ideal technology company for Savannah drawing on the Port of Savannah, Savannah Technical College and SCAD. We are excited that they have chosen Savannah for their headquarters and look forward to watching them grow in Savannah,” said Savannah Economic Development Authority Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jen Bonnett.

In the US alone there are one million forklifts in operation. Accidents, injuries, and deaths continue to plague the industry. The hiring process is outdated, the training insufficient, and the number of incidents are not being reduced. With a Real-Forklift, trainers and managers now can onboard, train and maintain their forklift operators with OSHA compliant ‘hand-on’ forklift training.

Through 30 partners, thousands of operators and tens of thousands of hours, Really-Virtual continues to improve its software to increase new-hire success rate, reduce onboarding time, and most-importantly reduce the number of incidents in a new-hire’s first year of operation.

Really-Virtual will begin growing its team to address many ongoing challenges in the skilled labor workforce across sectors such as manufacturing, CPG, 3PL, automotive and beverage.

Really-Virtual was founded in November 2017 by co-founders Mike Morgan and Peter Chronopoulos in Yorba Linda, Calif. Self-funded, Really-Virtual secured commitments from key partners to bring the Real-Forklift to market in the summer of 2018.

In early 2021, Really-Virtual piloted their Real-Forklift Mobile with Savannah Technical College and in late 2021 and early 2022 this pilot expanded into 10 additional premium units that are being deployed across the Georgia to augment traditional learning by providing students the opportunity to participate in complex and rich hands-on training in a 100 percent risk-free immersive virtual environment.

For the last year, Really-Virtual explored several locations for their business.  As a logistics technology provider, it was important for Really-Virtual to be in a location that brought them closer to the clients that had the greatest need. However, as a software company, Really-Virtual also needed to be in a location that invited top talent and garnered the interest of investors.

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