Plug and Play Savannah Batch Two Expo Day to feature 13 startups innovating in supply chain and logistics

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Plug and Play, a leading global innovation platform is set to host an exciting event in downtown Savannah on June 14th, 2023. Plug and Play’s Savannah batch two expo day will take place from 1-6 pm (ET) at SoHo South, located at 12 W Liberty Street, Savannah, GA. 

“Expo is a showcase to highlight the achievements of our batch two Start-Ups and discuss the importance of innovation within the supply chain industry. The event features industry experts who speak on their experiences implementing game-changing technology in their organizations – and is a great environment for those in the start-up tech world!” said Catherine Saunders, who is the Head of Program for Plug and Play in Savannah. 

The event will bring together start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from various fields to network, learn and discuss emerging technologies and trends shaping the future and paving the way for innovation within the supply chain industry. This event is a follow-up to Plug and Play’s initial Selection Day showcase, which featured twenty-six start-up companies pitching for the chance to be sponsored by Plug and Play’s accelerator program and secure pilot projects and business for their companies with logistics providers in the area. The Plug and Play accelerator program offers a unique and valuable option for start-ups breaking into the business world by providing comprehensive support, expert mentorship, networking opportunities, and investor access, all in a structured curriculum. Of the twenty-six, twelve start-ups were selected to participate in the batch two cohort and will present on June 14th:

Chunker – On-demand, short-term warehouse marketplace connecting companies needing temporary space with those with excess space.

Ubicept – Ubicept provides new imaging solutions that enable us to see in the dark and other challenging environments at unprecedented quality.

Cloverly – Cloverly is a tech-led carbon credit marketplace where you can purchase vetted high-quality carbon credits from our global network of project partners. Our API enables companies to integrate carbon offsetting into their customer-facing solutions which helps build awareness and scale climate action.

Enexor – Enexor BioEnergy has developed an onsite, renewable energy solution to end the world’s organic and plastic waste problems.

Startups that will present at Plug and Play Batch Two Expo DayDenim – Denim is a mobile employee experience solution for the deskless, hourly workforce.

Freight Mango – FreightMango is an online marketplace for international freight shipping that lets importers and exporters search, book, pay, track, manage, and finance your freight in seconds.

Arvist – Minimizing disruptions and reducing costs in warehouses and cargo operations with real-time operations visibility using existing cameras and AI.

Terzo – Terzo is an Enterprise AI platform that extracts data trapped in documents and makes it available to critical business processes.

Tranzhalo – Tranzhalo develops cybersecurity products for the transportation industry, detecting vehicle equipment radio frequency signals to ensure security on high-value loads like pharmaceuticals or electronics.

NuGen – NuGen Systems develops and provides Innovative, Clean and Efficient Energy Solutions to replace Legacy Systems currently used by Industrial/Commercial customers, while saving them money and improving productivity.

Gig and Take – Gig and Take assists factories in developing and managing a flexible, on-demand workforce to increase retention and employee satisfaction.

Darvis – Empowering your existing cameras to deliver visibility and insight to your operations in real time.

Expo day is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the startup tech world and supply chain and logistics innovation. Join to hear progress and updates from the startups paving a new way in the supply chain industry and to connect with others in the area’s startup ecosystem. 

Plug and Play Savannah Supply Chain Batch Two Expo Day startups and corporate partners

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About Plug and Play: Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that connects startups, corporations, and investors around the world. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has international locations, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

They aim to facilitate innovation and bring together the world’s leading startups and corporations to accelerate and create innovation ecosystems. Plug and Play offers programs and services across industries such as fintech, healthcare, energy, and sustainability. The Savannah location has an ideal infrastructure and community to foster a world-class supply chain and logistics innovation program. This mixed with Savannah’s rich and plentiful resources provides an exceptional environment for startups and entrepreneurs alike.

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Plug and Play Savannah Announces Batch Two Companies