Open your business or not?

Governor Kemp is allowing some small businesses to open this Friday, April 24 and others April 27th.

If you are a business owner weighing the decision to open or not. Here is some info about how your employees will be treated if you choose to open, and they choose NOT to return because they feel unsafe:

Effect of openings on jobless benefits

If you open:

  • And you insist your employees return and they do not (because they don’t feel safe or any other reason): they will no longer qualify for unemployment benefits.
  • And you lay your employees off: they are still eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • And you only bring employees back part-time: they will only lose unemployment benefits if they make more than $300/week part-time.

If you do not open: your employees are still eligible for unemployment.

What YOU (The Owner/Employer) DOES and how you “label” it MATTERS.

Source: Georgia Department of Labor via AJC