Nominations Open for Georgia Small Business ROCK STARS 2023

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Small businesses constitute a major portion of Georgia’s economy, providing employment, goods and services across the state. To appreciate and celebrate the achievements and contributions of small businesses, the State of Georgia holds Small Business Week every year in May. During this time, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) come together to spotlight several exceptional small businesses, naming them Small Business ROCK STARS. These awards are designed to praise the yearly contributions of Georgia’s energetic entrepreneurs and demonstrate the State of Georgia’s commitment to its small business economy.

The eligibility criteria for being designated a Small Business ROCK STAR entails several key factors. The selected businesses each must be a Georgia Corporation or LLC, be at least 3 years old, operate in a commercial facility, and not be a franchise. Additionally, they must possess more than 2 and fewer than 300 full-time employees, demonstrate a positive and meaningful impact within their local community, and have been established within the State of Georgia. Over the years, this initiative has garnered substantial attention, with more than 4,000 nominations received and 50 small businesses recognized as Small Business ROCK STARS since its inception.

The program’s significance extends beyond just recognition, as it underscores the pivotal role that small businesses play in fostering economic growth and community development. Georgia’s one million small businesses make up 99.8% of small businesses in the state and employ 1.6 million Georgians. Through these awards, the State of Georgia showcases its commitment to supporting and nurturing this small business ecosystem. By celebrating their accomplishments and highlighting their contributions, the state aims to inspire innovation, risk-taking, and community engagement among small business owners.

Nominations for the 2024 Small Business ROCK STARS are currently open and will be accepted until Monday, October 30, 2023. The nomination form requires basic contact information for the business, a few sentences on why it should be considered and includes optional fields for a video overview and images of the company. If you know any small business owners operating in the Savannah area or any part of Georgia, this can be a great way to recognize their hard work, accomplishments, and contributions to Georgia’s thriving economy.

To read more about this initiative, check out the official page here.