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The Culturist Union is teaming up with the Eden Supper Club for an evening at Ardsley Station

By The Creative Coast | June 17, 2021

The fundraiser is to support the building of Savannah’s first-of-its-kind and only Black-owned coffeehouse and artisan marketplace.

Revolutionizing Parker’s Kitchens: The Journey of Eric Jones

By Bradley Mullis | June 14, 2021

Eric Jones is changing the way customers experience Parker’s convenience stores.

Nita Penn’s Unapologetic Approach to Leveling Savannah’s Economic Arena

By Bradley Mullis | June 13, 2021

Nita Penn is laser-focused on bringing low-income minorities and black women to the center stage of Savannah’s business arena.

Applications Open for The Worker’s Lab 2021 Innovation Fund

By Kait Lance | June 12, 2021

Photo: www.theworkerslab.com
The Workers Lab is accepting 2021 Innovation Fund applications between June 1 and July 12.

For 3rd year in a Row SEDA Named Site Selection Magazine Mac Conway Recipient

By The Creative Coast | June 11, 2021

Site Selection magazine has released its annual rankings of Global Best to Invest locations, which appeared in the 67-year-old publication’s May 2021 issue. Georgia was No. 2 in the Prosperity Cup rankings,