New York Times features Savannah as a relocation destination for San Francisco’s techies and businesses

They fled. They fled to tropical beach towns. They fled to more affordable places like Georgia. They fled to states without income taxes like Texas and Florida.”

Excerpt from The New York Times: They Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough by Nellie Bowles

The pandemic has forced change within the last year. One such change is that most of the world switched to working remote. Moreover, those living in cramped apartments or small homes in places with a higher cost of living have learned that not only can they work remotely, but that they might be better suited to working remotely in another, more affordable city.

New York Times author Nellie Bowles wrote a piece on the trend of San Francisco tech workers and companies making the move away from the Bay Area to cities that allow for a better lifestyle. Like Savannah.

Creative Coast Executive Director Jen Bonnett and Keyan Karimi, who recently moved to Savannah from San Francisco, were both quoted in the article in reference to the Savannah Economic Development Authorities Creative Technologies incentive. The incentive helps techies (those who work for a tech company) relocate to Savannah by reimbursing them up to $2,000.

Read what they had to say:

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