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This week’s blog is from Lakesia Gordon, a SSU senior currently interning with The Creative Coast and a soon-to-be Fortune 500 up and coming corporate executive in a distant state!  We’ll welcome this star back to Savannah any day! Read on as Lakesia shares her experiences working with TCC and local entrepreneurs. FYI – – The Creative Coast’s blogspot is Savannah’s sounding board for local thinkers, innovators, wanderers and wonderers. Guest bloggers share their thoughts, opinions and creative noodling from all over the map…


My experience as an intern at The Creative Coast has been amazing to say the least. I’ve been able to take the lead on various projects, from compiling stats for our annual report to the City of Savannah to helping organize Geekend, The Creative Coast’s biggest annual conference. My very first day at The Creative Coast I knew I had chosen the right place to finish out my senior year. I had the opportunity to sit in on an Investor Readiness class for the upcoming annual Geekend conference. A couple of entrepreneurs were pitching their products to a group of judges and a small audience. They received instant feedback from fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and judges. I was able to contribute my thoughts which was a big deal since I was the youngest person in the room. Needless to say, I felt a bit out of place but I was encouraged to ask questions and give feedback. At that moment I knew The Creative Coast would accept and help me grow professionally, pulling out all my potential and putting it to work. I’ve grown from a marketing student to a young marketing professional and I owe it all to the most extraordinary group of people I’ve ever had the honor to work with, the leadership at The Creative Coast…. My biggest responsibility, and accomplishment, while interning was to coordinate many elements of the Geekend Arcade, a segment of the Geekend Conference. Entrepreneurs, investors and innovative technology-driven professionals come together during Geekend to host interactive workshops, pitch entrepreneurial presentations, and do some serious social networking. Geekend Arcade is particularly great for our local tech students and entrepreneurs here in Savannah. My task, with the guidance of Program Manager Emily Mcleod, was to coordinate event logistics: location, sign-in, display of games/floor plan, provide refreshments, create a voting system for the best gamer, select rewards for winners while still acknowledging all other participants, and provide literature to attendees who want to learn to code on their own. I delegated tasks to 10+ volunteers, developed a voting system for the “Best Game Awards” by secret ballot, created rapport with Savannah’s local entertainment for the Arcade (paint artist), floor planned the layout for the venue of the event, and created a pipeline to promote the event through public school systems and universities in Savannah by on-site visits, social media and other forms of communication. In addition to successful event logistics, we also used Geekend to showcase three of the top technology programs in Savannah – – STEM Academy at Bartlett Middle School, SCAD Savannah, St. Andrews School – – by hosting approximately 100 student attendees. The team at The Creative Coast – – Emily McLeod, Kait Lance and Bea Wray – – are some of the most supportive professionals anyone can ask for in the workplace and each takes the time to teach and lead by example. My most recent experience has been my most enjoyable one. I was able to interview some of Savannah’s high profile entrepreneurs, including radio personality Lady Mahogany, founder of Blessings in a Bookbag, and Angelina Patel, founder of Savannah Kids Code. The experience was amazing and allowed me to exert my full personality on camera.  The interviews will be shown on the local network channel and online for YouTube viewing. Upon graduation from Savannah State University I will began a new journey in a new position with a Fortune 500 company in a distant state.  I know I will be more than prepared thanks to The Creative Coast. I am more than grateful for the friendships I have made, especially with my co-interns, Jennifer Atkinson and Anna Toth. Thank you to The Creative Coast for the opportunity, the experience and the knowledge I have gained while serving as an intern. If you want to grow personally, professionally and expand your knowledge in business and entrepreneurship, The Creative Coast is the best place to do so! Lakesia]]>

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