Moving From Ideation to the Planning Phase of Business Development ft. Nita Penn

The workshop will give an overview of the Three Phases of Business and how ideation is used throughout the phases via iteration. The primary focus of the workshop will be on the preamble/startup phase. Most people generally refer to ideation as “brainstorming” but adding Strategy, SMART goals, and Prioritization makes it IDEATION and will set you up for greater success and make you more likely to gain access to capital.

About Nita Penn:

Nita Penn is the Director of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Women’s Business Center, Savannah Region. Nita is passionate about facilitating conversations around the everchanging sociopolitical climate and strategizing opportunities for individuals and organizations to be more authentic, personable, efficient, and effective. She has over 10 years of experience strategizing creative and innovative organizational development experiences for clients as small as a one-person team to a 600-soldier battalion of the United States Army National Guard. She has helped photographers show their work in international exhibitions, voice-over actors land deals with national brands, muralists display their artwork in the heart of their hometown, and textile designers sell their products in West Elm. She additionally consults in the areas of lifestyle and creative services.
Her overall mission is to function with high moral fiber and deliver research, facilitation, and advocacy/training services that will aid our society in the fight towards social and racial equity.
Focus as the Director of the ACE WBC, Savannah Region: The Savannah center will focus on Coaching & Connecting that will lead to referrals to our local CDFI partners to attain Capital. As the Director she will center the interconnected vision of making sure that our city is a place where everyone can grow and thrive.
As a Savannah native, it is vital that this vision is more intentional and inclusive. Emphasis will be placed on low to moderate-income BIPOC, women-led businesses who are:
(1) Transition from “Side-Hustling” to true Entrepreneurship
(2) New Businesses/Idea Phase
(3) Businesses ready to expand/grow/pivot
(4) Mome who want to start a business/life transitions
(5) Corporate women who want to transition to business owners
Most of ACE, Women’s Business Center, Savannah Region programming centers around:
– Collaboration and capacity building
– Community outreach and involvement
– Relatable and restorative business practices