Making Data Digestible, Accessible, & Actionable

Do you know what a data-driven business is or how it operates? Data helps your business make better-informed decisions plus much, much more. Even if you don’t consider your business “data-driven,” making data digestible, accessible, & actionable is key for every business to understand.

Big Data especially is a convoluted catchphrase that makes something fairly simple, seem overly complex. Tune in as Zeek Coleman, Director of Data Intelligence for Visit Savannah, explains, in simple terms, what data is available, what you can learn from it, and how to leverage it to benefit your business.

Watch Making Data Digestible, Accessible, & Actionable ft. Zeek Coleman.

About Zeek:

Zeek has been leading Visit Savannah’s data strategies for the last decade. He’s a thought leader, marketing guru, and frequent speaker at industry conferences.

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