How startups can leverage patents and IP to help them reach their business goals.

Have a startup idea and think you should get it patented and protected? Wait just a minute! In this Lunchtime Topic, Jackie Hutter, Principal and Founder of The Hutter Group will share what you need to know (and don’t need to know) about patents when establishing your startup.

She covers everything from…

– Why the Lean Startup Method is important to IP

– Common misconceptions about IP and patents

– When to know you’re ready for a patent (hint: it’s probably not during concept-phase)

– The best way to approach a patent strategy

– How to find the best attorneys to help you with your patent strategy

– And more!

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More About Jackie:

Jackie Hutter has been recognized for each of the last 13 years for her innovative insights in creating value from IP Strategy with the peer-awarded Top Global IP Strategist by Intellectual Asset Magazine. While she has represented companies of all sizes in her 25+ year career as an IP attorney, today Ms. Hutter exclusively works with startup and early stage business teams to assist them in designing, deploying, and managing IP Strategies directed toward maximizing their company’s revenue and exit values. In her IP consultancy practice The Hutter Group, LLC she serves as a strategic in-house IP counsel for several companies on a part-time basis to provide these smaller companies with a comparable level of IP representation as that of the established companies that they are seeking to partner with or exit into.

From 2011-2015, Ms. Hutter served as the CEO of a startup battery-related company. This experience provided her with an insider’s knowledge of Lean Startup, which provides her clients with IP counseling that is focused on the unique business needs of startups and early stage companies. Her experience extends beyond the IP realm: she frequently handles contracts and related matters for her clients, especially those relevant to clients’ IP rights.

Ms. Hutter shares her knowledge and expertise in her podcast Winning with Patents (and IP), as well as on her recently launched YouTube Channel Winning with Patents.

She lives in Decatur, GA in a groovy Mid-Century Modern house with her husband, two college-aged daughters and far too many pets. She loves the Savannah area and plans to buy a house there in which to spend her retirement years.