Lunchtime Topic ft. Mark Williams: Your Idea Was the Easy Part

Got a business/startup idea that you know will be successful? Feeling elated at the idea of your business? Or maybe you’ve been working on developing and growing your business for a while, but have a hard time getting real traction.

Ideas and the initial excitement of starting a business are the easiest part. Creating a long-term, sustainable business is a whole other story. So, how do you know that your business idea can defy the startup failure rate odds? With roughly 90% of startups failing in the first five years, it’s important to think about who your customers are, test your idea to determine what your target audience actually needs, who your team members are, and determine how you are going to sustainably develop and grow your business.

In this Lunchtime Topic, Mark Williams, CEO & Principal of Artistry Consulting, shares his tips for the strong start and growth of your business. Whether you’re in the concept phase of your business, have been pushing hard to make your idea work for several years, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking to launch an all-new endeavor, this talk is for you!

About Mark:

Mr. Williams has been transforming healthcare through the introduction and use of disruptive transformative technology for over three decades.  Having built and commercialized multiple technology platforms for the healthcare provider, payor, and population health communities.  Mr. Williams and his partners have successfully built, led, and sold three companies focused on the healthcare tech and services domains.  In addition to building platforms and delivering services,  Mr. Williams also has held roles with Microsoft, Siemens Medical, and was the Senior Vice President of Orion Health, and led the Washington State HIE briefly.  Over the last decade, Mr. Williams has focused his energies on Population Health and large global technology projects directed at transforming the delivery of healthcare to populations and improving the delivery of care and clinical outcomes while reducing costs.  He counts among his clients many of the leading healthcare providers, payors, vendors, and multiple health ministries around the globe.   He has sat on both HIMSS Washington Board and the HIMSS HIE & Interoperability Workgroup. He is a longstanding member of HIMSS, The American College of Healthcare Executives, and is a guest lecturer and member of the Advisory Board to the College of Health Administration for the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.