Lunchtime Topic ft. Blake Ellis: How to Position Your eCommerce Store For Optimal Sales

Buckle up! This Lunchtime Topic covers twelve months of traffic building goodness in less than an hour. Featured presenter Blake Ellis, covered everything from how to drive visitors to your site to utilizing context to increase conversion and making your customers feel secure, plus much, much more!

About Blake:

Blake is the Founder and CEO of CV3 and a long-time Savannah entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He founded CommerceV3 back in 2000 as a more efficient alternative to Yahoo!Store for large merchants. It’s grown ever since! CV3 has grown into one the largest full-service eCommerce shops in the world, offering not only a powerful platform but a full suite of launch, support and marketing services. CV3 has launched hundreds of storefronts and helped their customers generate more than 2 billion dollars in revenue online. They’re not just consultants – CV3 suggests tools and then rolls up their sleeves and installs them.

Fun fact! Blake is also the former Executive Director of the Creative Coast, and we were thrilled to have him back to impart his eCommerce wisdom with us!

Learn more about Blake HERE.

Visit the CommerceV3 website:


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