Local tech company InventureIT offering SALT internships and apprenticeships for students

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InventureIT, a tech company in Savannah that provides clients of all sizes with IT management, custom software systems, network support, tech support for Windows and Mac OS, integration, and technology consulting services, has launched a new program benefitting area high school and college students as well as clients.

The local company believes in the “5 ships” and fosters these within their company: internship, apprenticeship, scholarship, mentorship, and relationship. While customer relationships are the main focus, InventureIT wants to invest in the local community as well and ingrains the other four ships directly into the depths of their business.

SALT is a division under InventureIT’s umbrella of companies that the company developed to focus on providing creative and impactful custom-developed technology solutions for clients. Within SALT’s offerings are technology solutions developed by younger apprentices. Clients benefit by getting access to raw, but guided, technology talent here in the region, also at a fraction of the cost of large technology firms. Interns and paid apprentices learn by working on real-world projects with real-world deadlines and accountability. InventureIT’s experienced software developers guide and assist interns and apprentices, allowing them to grow their skills immeasurably compared to other market approaches.

Details on SALT opportunities as Provided by InventureIT…

Internship: Open to high school juniors & seniors, preferences offered to juniors willing to commit to a two-year program. Interns shadow and contribute on projects partnered directly with an apprentice as well as a SALT team member. This program is in the works and we’re currently exploring opportunities with local high schools for Fall / Spring of the 2021/22 school year.

Apprenticeship: Open to college students who have completed at least 2 relevant courses in their major coursework (e.g. Computer Science: 2 core programming classes; Web Development: 2 classes on web technologies; etc). The apprentices work on a team of developers each semester to do bug fixes, update software, make larger contributions and eventually compete for entry-level positions within SALT and other organizations. SALT is moving into their second semester in Statesboro at Georgia Southern and hopes to launch their Savannah campus initiatives in the Fall of 2021.

Mentorship: Each employee in InventureIT’s STEM careers are asked to dedicate a minimum of 10% of their job contributions to SALT. Ultimately some employees contribute by directly working or leading technology projects in the SALT business line as part of their direct position. While others are able to contribute through working with individuals rising through the ranks of SALT mentoring them on how to accomplish certain tasks or how to take that next step in their career (inside or outside of SALT). As an example, the software developer apprentices recruited from their partnership with local universities are paid while working directly with all levels of experienced developers on client projects. Apprentices are also working directly with interns recruited from area high schools to get them prepared for a potential focus on technology. 

Scholarship: As a company, InventureIT contributes directly to helping students take advantage of the educational opportunities in technology that help build the individual and their shared community profile.

SALT is a story of founders who sincerely believe that a better community can be made through efforts in foundational investments in the innovation found here at home. InventureIT COO and Co-founder of SALT Stacey Roach says, “We believe that by focusing on the impact we can make at the outset, our operations will both simultaneously build value for our organization and our clients while also altruistically providing a significant advantage for our local community to compete in today’s technology-focused economy.”

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