Listen to How to Make Freelancers Part of Your Company’s Growth Plan with Matthew Mottola

In this Lunchtime Topic, learn from freelance expert Matthew Mottola on how to make freelancers a part of your growth plan. Matthew is the co-founder and CEO of The Human Cloud. His book of the same name was listed as a #1 New Release on Amazon and details how today’s changemakers use artificial intelligence and the freelance economy to transform work. During the recording, Matt shared insights into the growing freelance economy and why it isn’t slowing down, plus why and how startups should hire freelancers to get stuff done faster!


– How AI and the freelance economy work together to transform work

– The biggest advantages for startups to hire freelancers

– Why there is an upward trend of more and more individuals moving away from w-2 work to 1099, contract work.

– Whether or not companies should worry about or consider offering benefits to freelancers

– How the recession is predicted to affect freelancing

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